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Praxis Crank Protector Boots

Praxis Crank Protector Boots

Protect your carbon Praxis cranks with durable rubber boots.
Two variants to fit all Praxis cranks (except for G2 Girder Carbon).
 Model Compatibility
TP-2001 G1 Girder Carbon, Brose Carbon, Specialized Carbon eCrank
TP-2002 Zayante Carbon, Lyft Carbon, Bosch/Yamaha Carbon eCrank, M30 Road eCrank

SPECIALIZED E-CRANKS : You MUST measure the end of your crank arm and use our guide to determine which Boot your specific eCrank needs. There have been arm shape updates over the years so please measure to determine if you need Boot 1, 2 or 3 for your Specialized carbon eCrank.