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Praxis Cadet G2 Armset
Praxis Cadet G2 Armset
Praxis Cadet G2 Armset
Praxis Cadet G2 Armset
Praxis Cadet G2 Armset

Praxis Cadet G2 Armset

Updated arm shaping and spacing, the new second generation Cadet is perfect for all types of  trail riding.   The Cadet packs in a level of performance aimed at value-driven riders that want a solid crank.  With stiff and solid forged-aluminum arms, a stout M30 alloy spindle and a direct mount ring interface, the new Cadet M30 checks all the boxes.

MATERIAL Forged Alloy Arms | Alloy M30 spindle (30mm/28mm)
AVG. WEIGHT 558g : Cadet 170mm Armset
640g : Cadet HD 170mm Armset
CHAINRING Any brand 3-Bolt Direct Mount ring can be used for SRAM & SHIMANO Compatibility
The chainring type and offset determines compatibility with any given MTN bike drivetrain.
MTN CHAINLINE 0mm Offset Ring = 55mm CL
3mm Offset Ring = 52mm CL "Boost"
6mm Offset Ring = 49mm CL "Non-Boost"
Q-Factor 172mm
MAIN BOLT 8mm Alloy Main crank bolt for Install/Self-Extract
B.B. This crank requires our Praxis M30 BB | 30mm Drive Bearing / 28mm NonDrive Bearing
M30 BOTTOM BRACKET (REQUIRED) | BSA / BB90-92 / T47 E.B / BB30 / PF30
POWER OPTIONS Aftermarket MTN Power Meters for this crank :
Power2Max – NG and the NG Eco 3-Bolt Power Meter
SRM – 3-Bolt Power Meter
SRM – Power Pedals
GARMIN – Rally Power Pedals
NOTE Updated 3-bolt DM ring interface to align spacing with established chain-line offsets. Riders can use any brand 3-Bolt DM ring. See Pic - On the backside of the drive side arm you’ll see a sticker showing offset options to get your desired chain line.