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Praxis Carbon FAZUA / BROSE / TQ eCrank

Praxis Carbon FAZUA / BROSE / TQ eCrank

Carbon eCranks for eBikes with motors by

- Brose
- Fazua-R50
- TQ-HPR50
- SRAM "Powertrain"

CARBON E-CRANK for Brose, Fazua-R50, TQ or SRAM Powertrain motor
BUY THIS IF : You have an eBike with either a Brose, Fazua R50, TQ or SRAM motor and want a Carbon eCrank
MOTOR BROSE -With steel ISIS spline spindle
FAZUA-R50 -With steel ISIS spline spindle
TQ -With steel ISIS spline spindle
SRAM -With steel ISIS spline spindle
MATERIAL Left & Right arm set | Carbon Fiber | Rubber protective boots
AVG. WEIGHT 380g (165mm w/boots) 415g (172.5mm w/boots)
Q-Factor All eBike motors have different width spindles and this directly affects the Qfactor when the crank is installed.
These are the Qfactors when you install this crank on these motors :
Q = 186mm : "Wide" installed on BROSE motor
Q = 186mm : "Wide" installed on SRAM motor
Q = 171mm : "Wide" installed on FAZUA R50 motor
Q = 171mm : "Wide" installed on TQ motor

Q = 178mm : "Road/Narrow" installed on Brose motor
Q = 163mm : "Road/Narrow" installed on Fazua R50 motor
Q = 163mm : "Road/Narrow" installed on TQ motor
MAIN BOLT 8mm AL main crank bolt for Install/Self-Extract | 50Nm torque
Our eCranks with ISIS Spline use our replaceable M24 alloy Main bolt/Self extractor
TECH C.R.A.F.T. Cabon Mfg.
VIP NOTE VIP – Do NOT order this crank if you own a Specialized Levo/Kenevo/Vomo/Vado.
If you have a Specialized e-bike with steel ISIS spline spindle then GO HERE.