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Fulcrum Speed 55 DB CMPTZN Wheelset

The Fulcrum Speed CMPTZN DB wheels have been designed to offer the most demanding road cyclists the same technical excellence that Fulcrum makes available to athletes at World Tour. From the first glance at the Speed CMPTZN DB you will see that these wheels are different. The new models carry the Black Label graphics of the Racing Zero CMPTZN family.

The real challenge was to improve on the Fulcrum Speed 55 DB, with which the Speed CMPTZN DB wheels share some technical details, such as the full carbon rim with Twill-Finish and the 2:1 spoke pattern.

But the developers wanted to further optimize this top product by improving rolling resistance and weight. The logical choice was CULT™ bearings, which allow to save (10 grams less than the Speed 55 DB) and achieve an incomparable rolling resistance compared to conventional solutions by up to nine times, saving up to 3.5 watts per pedal revolution.

In addition to the significant improvement in mechanical performance, the new Speed CMPTZN DB hubs have received a matte black finish to complement the black-on-black graphics of the rims. The models are available in 2-WAY FIT versions, so you can choose between tubeless tires (for lower rolling resistance and higher puncture protection) or with clincher tires (for traditionalists). Last but not least, the internal rim dimension of 19mm gives you more leeway in the possible tire widths you can mount.