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IRC Aspite Pro Road Tires
IRC Aspite Pro Road Clincher Tires


IRC Aspite Pro Road Clincher Tires

Aspite Pro tires are made with a new and improved tread compound that simultaneously reduces rolling resistance while improving road grip. Puncture resistance and side-wall durability come from our X-Guard Belt++,  a 40x40 TPI anti-puncture barrier. Aspite Pro tires are available in 700c x 24 and 700c x 26 sizes.

 Aero ++

All Aspite tires have “aero” fins along the beads that create a smooth transition from rim to tire, reducing air drag. This unique feature reduces air drag by as much as 4 percent when compared to conventional tires.

387391 700x24 ARAMID 100–130 205g
387445 700x26 ARAMID 90–115 245g