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Fulcrum Red Fire 5 27.5 Mountain Bike Wheelset
Fulcrum Red Fire 5 27.5 Mountain Bike Wheelset
Fulcrum Red Fire 5 27.5 Mountain Bike Wheelset


Fulcrum Red Fire 5 27.5 Mountain Bike Wheelset


The Enduro lays down some clear rules: the cyclist must be able to rely on solid and agile materials that are suitable for climbing and especially descending, when speed reaches its max and the terrain is varied, often very technical and sometimes with a number of crucial points that are unknown. 
This is an extremely selective discipline in which every single mechanical component is pushed to the limit for prolonged periods of time.

Because of the tough conditions the wheels are required to perform in, Fulcrum's R&D department has chosen to create a Trail-Enduro wheel that's shorter and wider: the result is a stable, secure and fast support base.
The rim has a 27C groove and uses its wide base to keep the tyre in shape even in the nastiest of bends, while the structure of the wheel offers optimum support thanks to its 28 straight head spokes that make the wheel more solid and reactive.

There's no room for hesitation here, it's all about choosing the right line, placing your trust in the material and you're off.


discipline Trail / Enduro
tyre type 2 Way - Fit Ready
tyre size 27,5"
weight 1890 g., Boost 1905 g.
rim material Aluminum
rim material details Aluminum
rim height Front and rear: 20 mm
rim width 32 mm, ETRTO 27C
tyre width  From 2.0” to 2.5”
braking system Disc brake
Braking options AFS
front axle compatibility QR/HH15 + Boost version
rear axle compatibility QR/HH12/XD + Boost version
front wheel spokes 28 - Left 14 - Right 14
rear wheel spokes 28 - Left 14 - Right 14
spokes material Stainless steel
spokes profile technology Rounded, straight pull
nipples Aluminum
front hub Aluminum, Aluminum flanges
rear hub Aluminum, Aluminum flanges
bearings Sealed cartridge bearings
others Aluminum Axle. One hub fits all.
XD Compatibility Yes
WEIGHT LIMIT 109 kg (Cyclist)