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EP Ultra Synthetic Chain Lubricant

EP ULTRA - The next generation, ultra high mileage, extreme pressure chain lubricant with maximum film strength!

  • High mileage per application – most cyclists experience 500+ miles of road riding between applications of EP ULTRA. Offroad riders will enjoy a super clean drivetrain regardless of conditions.
  • Runs Clean – Doesn't Attract Dirt
  • Designed to run chains in marine conditions and other extreme environments.
  • All conditions lubrication security – protects from wear and chain binding up from +300° f. and down to -100° f.
  • Smooth Running - Reduces Drivetrain Noise
  • Does not harden in cold conditions. Runs free in arctic environments.
  • Environmentally targeted solvent and extreme pressure additive. Very low toxicity.
  • Use 1/4 ounce per application for most road or mountain bikes.
  • EP ULTRA is extraordinary as a nipple lubricant for wheel building. No more oil leeching out after the wheels are finished.