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Challenge Baby Limus Pro Handmade TLR 700c x 33mm

The Baby Limus is Challenge's all-around cyclocross tire designed for races with constantly changing conditions. This tire is ready to take on wet sand, sticky mud, or dry, fast, packed courses.

Challenge H-TLR tires meet the new ETRTO and ISO standard and are hookless compatible.

Designed to be compliant with UCI rules with most rims having an internal rim width up to 23mm.

Handmade TLR are best combined with the Challenge’s SMART Tubeless SEALANT, which protects the natural properties of its components for a longer-lasting performing tire, while further enhancing puncture protection and air tightness.

Technical features

Use: Cross Racing: All around, Sticky Mud
Size: 700
Tire Width: 33 mm
Rim Width: 15-19 mm
Weight: 360 gr
TPI: 300
Bead: Aramid
Casing: SuperPoly
BAR: 2-6
PSI: 30-90
Color: Black-Tan