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Campagnolo Chorus 12 Speed Front Derailleur

Chorus Front Derailleur

The precise, extremely fluid movement of the front derailleur is achieved in part thanks to the new cables and their housing and in part because of the design and construction of the 2x12-speed front derailleur. The new Chorus derailleur incorporates the same design that separates the upper from the lower semi-rod, eliminating the free stroke for more immediate, responsive upshifting. Design of the 2x12 speed front derailleur and its trajectory angle mean wide tires measuring up to 32 mm can be used, while the new design of the cage and dedicated positions for each gear position ensure extremely precise and fluid derailleur performance.

Features & Benefits

Upper semi-rod not connected to the lower one.

More effective precise movement and no contact with travel limit.

Cage designed to improve maximum cross-chaining situations.

The derailleur stops transmission contact and friction.

Ideal for wider tires.

32 mm section tires can be mounted without the risk of contact with the derailleur.

Design optimized for inner cage

It precisely accompanies the chain onto the large chainring

Double-position fixing of the cable

Maximum compatibility with frames and tires.

Optimized position for every engaged sprocket

No risk of contact with the chain.

Weight: 87g