White floor pump with wooden handle from BBB. BFP-36
White floor pump with wooden handle from BBB. BFP-36


BBB BFP-36 AirExact Floor Pump

The pressure gauge on the AirExact was specifically designed for mountainbikers. With mountain bike tire pressures getting lower and lower, we felt there was a need for a pump that was built as solid as an AirBlaster, but with a pressure gauge that is more precise at lower pressures. After some prototypes we decided to use the same barrel diameter as the AirControl. Larger diameters actually made the pump less precise again. The construction of the AirExact and Aircontrol is identical, besides the guage. Besides that the AirExact has the screw-on ThreadHead pump head with an air release button for an even more accurate tire pressure setting.

Features & Specs

  • Extra long aluminum barrel floorpump.
  • Inflates up to 5.5 bar / 80 psi.
  • Accurate 2.5 Inch duo-tone pressure gauge with large scale for precise tire pressure displays both bar and psi.
  • Extremely useful for off road cycling.
  • ThreadHead pumphead; Unique screw on valve system fits both Presta and Schrader valves.
  • ThreadHead Air release system; Unique tire pressure adjustment system.
  • Ergonomic wooden handle provides a natural position and a firm hold.
  • Stable solid aluminum base.
  • 90 cm high pressure rubber hose.
  • Overall length of 70 cm.
  • Dunlop valve adapter included.
  • Color: white.