BBB AirBlaster BFP-31
BBB AirBlaster BFP-31
BBB AirBlaster BFP-31


BBB AirBlaster BFP-31

A floor pump built like a tank, capable of delivering tremendous tire pressures. Every detail of the AirBlaster was engineered to be strong and durable. With an easy to read 3 inch pressure gauge and screw-on ThreadHead pump head it looks the way it pumps: powerful. The AirControl and AirExact pumps both carry similar features. The AirBlaster however is still the überpump, ready to last you a life time.

Features & Specs

  • Extra long aluminum barrel floorpump.
  • Inflates up to 18 bar / 260 psi.
  • Higher pressure is possible due to the sophisticated design of this full metal floorpump.
  • Accurate 3 Inch duo-tone pressure gauge displays both bar and psi.
  • Ergonomic extruded type handle. Natural position and a firm hold for increased pumping power.
  • ThreadHead pumphead; Unique screw on valve system fits both Presta and Schrader valves.
  • Stable solid aluminum base.
  • Braided steel 90 cm high pressure hose.
  • Overall length of 70 cm.
  • Dunlop valve adapter included.