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"The Essential" Bike Wash Kit
"The Essential" Bike Wash Kit
"The Essential" Bike Wash Kit


"The Essential" Bike Wash Kit

A great intro to cleaning, or a supplement to your existing setup.

$28.50 through October 15! 14% off regular $33.00 if bought separately!

With another fantastic summer of bike riding fully underway, we thought it was time to help everyone out by assembling packages of Bike Medicine and BBB Cycling cleaning equipment. The Essential includes everything you'd need to give your bike a grime-busting scrub when you get home from your post-work ride.

  • Bike Medicine Golden Degreaser
  • Bike Medicine Speedbrush
  • BBB Cycling BTL-17 Toothbrush

Bike Medicine's products are based on formulas originally designed for deepwater drilling chains, so they are more than capable of breaking up even the thickest deposits you can throw at them. The Speedbrush is a compact, easy-to-use brush that's soft enough for frames, hands, and cockpits, but can also take care of a slimy cassette efficiently. The BTL-17 gets in between cogs to knock out clumps of grease. As a trio, these pieces are perfect to quickly clean your drivetrain before your next ride.

Upgrade to The Standard for $29.00 and get a Made-in-USA Professional Chainholder and Purple Extreme lubricant for applying post-wash.